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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Publication date:2013-03-23, Last updated:2013-04-13

Privacy policy
The portal hereinafter referred to as the Portal is aware of how important confidentiality and rules for collecting and processing data related to the Portal users. This document aims at defining and presenting these rules.

Portal Administration
All activities related to functioning of the Portal are carried out by the Univeristy of Warsaw, Centre for European Regional and Local Studied (EUROREG) through its organisational cells.

Collecting data
I. All data coming from the Portal's users is collected in two ways:

  1. information entered voluntarily by a user – by filling and sending forms: of registration, comments, contact;  

  2. information obtained during use of the Portal – among others it may be:

  • information in the servers' logs – our servers record automatically such data as webpage demand sent by a user, date and hour of the demand and sending the response, the equipment's data (e.g. model of the equipment), type of browser, language of browser, type of operational system,
  • IP address – each computer connected to Internet has a unique number assigned so called IP address; based on it one may identify a country from which a given user connects with a network,
  • cookies i.e. text files sent to a user's computer when he/she visits a webpage.

II. The administrator of the data is Univeristy of Warsaw, Centre for European Regional and Local Studied (EUROREG).

Personal data
The Portal commits itself to observe the secret related to obtained personal data. This means that the obtained data, under no circumstances, is revealed to anyone.

I. An internet browser may store cookie files on a computer disk. Cookie files contain information necessary for correct functioning of the Portal.

II. Contents of cookie files do not allow to identify a user.

III. Personal data of the Portal's users is not processed or stored with use of cookie files.

IV. Cookie mechanism is not used for obtaining any information about users.

V. The Portal stores cookie files on users' computers for:

  • correct adjustment of the Portal to the users' needs;
  • remembering a user's preferences and personal settings;
  • creating statistics of the Portal's audience.

VI. A user has a possibility of configuring his/her internet browser in such a manner as to switch off completely or partially storage of cookie files on the computer's hard disk. The effect of such change may be a loss of a possibility of using some of the Portal's functionalities.

Using data
I. Data collected under the Portal serve to ensure defined services to our users and for administrative and statistical purposes, and also for the Portal's protection.
II. The data shall not be sold or revealed to any institutions or organisations or parties who are not the Portal's employees or permanent partners. However the following companies may have access to the data:

  • Google Inc. by using, for statistical purposes, the functionality Google Analytics;
  • Google Inc. by using Google „+1” button;
  • Google Inc. by using the functionality of presenting advertisements Google AdSense;
  • Google Inc. by using a tool excluding undesired operation of automatic programmes Google reCaptcha;
  • Facebook by presence of social utilities and buttons for sharing contents such as „Like it”, „Recommend”;
  • AddThis by using a button for sharing contents in social networks AddThis.

III. Based on the information obtained under the Portal, the Portal may prepare a collective statistical listing which may be revealed to third parties. Such listings do not, however, contain data making it possible to identify single users.

I. The Portal makes every effort to protect the system against unauthorised access of third parties. For this purpose the Portal uses, among others, firewall, equipment protecting the servers, coding devices and physical protection means.
II. The Portal contains links to other webpages. Having entered other sites, we recommend that you should read privacy policy binding on the sites.

Final provisions
The Portal reserves itself the right to enter amendments in the privacy policy any time. Each person using our Portal in any manner is obliged to observe the valid privacy policy. Amendments in the privacy policy do not relate to the main rule: keeping secret and not revealing information obtained from our customers to third parties.