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Banska Bystrica -case study report(1742 KB)Milan workshop6EUROREG
Bright past, shady future? Past and potential future export performance of CEE countries in a comparative perspective(203 KB)Budapest conference2IER
Challenges for regional development and regional policies(3058 KB)Warsaw Conference
Changing public policies in CEECs to support social cohesion(723 KB)Milan workshop5CERS-HAS
Cohesion and EU Budget seen from CEE: Results of a Questionnaire Survey(190 KB)Milan workshop8WIIW
Competitiveness of CEE countries in the Global Economy(1727 KB)Warsaw Conference
Corporate Governance and Financial Constraints in foreign owned Enterprises(547 KB)Ljubljana conference7IWH
Corporate Governance in Central Eastern Europe – - a Comparative Political Economy Approach(505 KB)Ljubljana conference7CERS-HAS
Demography: a chance or a threat for the CEECs?(1027 KB)Warsaw Conference
Determinants of Firm Performance and Growth during Economic Recession: The Case of Central and Eastern European Countries(570 KB)Milan workshop1IER
Dynamics of Institutional Convergence in Central and Eastern European Countries(359 KB)Warsaw Conference7IWH
Dynamics of institutional convergence. WP7-progress-report.(764 KB)Halle workshop7IWH
Economic Convergence in Central, East and Southeast Europe: a New Path or the Blind Alley ?(1566 KB)Milan workshop1WIIW
Economic Performance of the CEECs and outlook for the future(365 KB)Warsaw Conference1WIIW
Educational Policies for Growth(279 KB)Warsaw Conference4CERS-HAS
Exporting status and success in innovation: Evidence from Community Innovation Survey micro data for EU countries(1941 KB)Milan workshop2IER
External relations (trade and FDI) in economic growthMilan workshop2CERS-HAS
External trade and foreign direct investment(1080 KB)Warsaw Conference2CERS-HAS
FDI, Human Capital and Catching up in the new EU member states(566 KB)Ljubljana conference4IWH
FDI, Structural Change and Productivity Growth: Global Supply Chains at Work in Central and Eastern European Countries(1628 KB)Budapest conference1IER
Final Report(6256 KB)Warsaw ConferenceEUROREG
Firm Heterogeneity and FDI Productivity Spillovers: The Case of Central and Eastern European Countries(609 KB)Milan workshop2IER
For better use of cohesion policies in CEE countries; national expieriences(359 KB)Warsaw Conference8
Identifying the effects of income inequality on population health and social outcomes in the (CEE) EU Member States(692 KB)Ljubljana conference5WIIW
Innovation in Central and Eastern European Regions: Does EU Framework Program participation lead to better innovative performance?(706 KB)Milan workshop3UP
Labour market, skill demand and supply, and effective labour market policies enhancing competitiveness(765 KB)Warsaw Conference4WIIW, CERS-HAS
Labour market, skill demand and supply, effective labour market and education policies enhancing competitiveness(570 KB)Milan workshop4CERS-HAS
Metropolisation, peripheralisation and regional development(1580 KB)Warsaw Conference6EUROREG
Networks of Interregional R&D collaboration in CEE(985 KB)Budapest conference3EUROREG
New Trends in Cohesion Policy(544 KB)Ljubljana conferenceEC
Participation in adult education and training in CEE countries(257 KB)Milan workshop4CERS-HAS
Politecnico-MASST-Halle-1(1674 KB)Halle workshop9BEST
Politecnico-WP1-Halle(420 KB)Halle workshop1BEST
R&D and technology upgrading in the CEEC: issues and policy implications(2522 KB)Warsaw Conference3UCL
Regional Inequalities in the European Neighborhood Countries(1492 KB)Warsaw Conference
Results orientation(733 KB)Warsaw Conference
Rethinking the future of Cohesion policy: performance and added value(1727 KB)Warsaw Conference8EPRC
Scenarios for Europe(3371 KB)Warsaw Conference9Polimi
Science in the CEEC in an European context(1165 KB)Warsaw Conference3EUROREG
Shumen Region Bulgaria.Case Study Report.(944 KB)Milan workshop6
Social Policies for Growth(7030 KB)Warsaw Conference5CERS-HAS
Territorial Dynamics in Central and Eastern Europe(3365 KB)Warsaw Conference
The achievement gap between Roma and non-Roma students in East Central Europe and its potential causes(180 KB)Milan workshop4CERS-HAS
The New EU Member States: Trapped in Integration?(615 KB)Warsaw ConferenceWIIW
The pattern of European institutional convergence in Central and Eastern European Countries and its relation to growth(1337 KB)Ljubljana conference7IWH
The territorial dimension of the knowledge economy in Europe: which innovation policies in an era of austerity?(3284 KB)Warsaw ConferencePolimi
Unit Values, Unit Labor Costs and Trade Performance in Four Central European Countries(843 KB)Budapest conference2CERS-HAS
Vilnus Metropolitan Area(5736 KB)Milan workshop6EUROREG
What should governments do for development? Alternative models(1402 KB)Warsaw Conference
wp1_for_halle_nov(90 KB)Halle workshop1WIIW
wp2_for_halle_nov_012(139 KB)Halle workshop2EUROREG
WP4-Halle(69 KB)Halle workshop4CERS-HAS
WP5-Halle-final(70 KB)Halle workshop5EUROREG
WP6_Halle_meeting_fin(1712 KB)Halle workshop6EUROREG
WP8-Halle-2012(279 KB)Halle workshop8EPRC